Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer
Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer features, an all welded 2” Square tubing steel main frame. 1 ½” Main axel shaft. Reinforced 1” thick spindle carrier bar. Heavy duty spindles and hubs. Height adjustable tongue. Standard tire size is a 5.70 tire on an 8” rim.
With a 1000 lb. load capacity and a 72” long X 22” wide bed inside the rails, there isn’t much that you can’t take along with you on those outdoor adventures.
Fully independent walking tandems on both sides of the Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer will let you take a load of gear or supplies as far off the beaten path as you need to go in safety and comfort. With everything packed on the trailer there is no need to fight with large loads on your ATV racks.
A standard powder coat finish in Hunter Green takes on the great outdoors with remarkable durability. Different colors of your choice are available on special order.
The Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer tracks directly behind your ATV with an overall width of 44”. Even when turning the trailer tracks remarkably close to the same track as your ATV so that you can squeeze between obstacles.
Can’t slip past an obstacles, don’t worry about it, just take it head on, the low center of gravity of the Mountain Goat™ trailer makes even large obstacles seem small.
Anything that you may want to do, or wish you could do is possible with a Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer. The accessories available with a MG trailer make it so versatile that any job or recreational activity you can think of is right behind you, safe and secure. Don’t be fooled by the other trailers on the market, off road ability and durability are the most important aspects when it comes to an all terrain trailer, because once your hooked on you will always want to do more or go farther than you had originally planned. Please contact us at instead of the client form. Thank you.
Mountain Goat™ Extreme
The Mountain Goat™ Extreme trailer provides the same great features as the standard Mountain Goat™ trailer. The major difference is in the size of the wheels and tires. The Mountain Goat™ Extreme rides on 25” ATV tires mounted on 12” rims.
The Mountain Goat™ Extreme, with its larger tires and added flotation is especially good for those who ride in areas that have boogy soils, or soft sand to deal with. The center of gravity is raised slightly with the larger tires; however since we already start at such a low point it makes little difference.
Mountain Goat™ Medi-vac trailer
Redesigned to provide more convenience and added durability the medi-vac trailer is a must have for all rescue teams that have to deal with rough inaccessible areas to do their job. Setting on top of the proven Mountain Goat™ trailer platform there is no place that a team can’t get to.

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Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer
$ 969.00 + shipping

Mountain Goat™ Extreme
$ 1393.00 + shipping

Mountain Goat™ MT - Diamond tread
$ 1393.00 + shipping

Medi-vac accessory
$739.00 + shipping

Medi-vac supply box
$ 455.00 + shipping

Medi-vac seat
$220.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ All Terrain trailer
$ 1199.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ Extreme
$ 1583.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ MT diamond tread
$ 1583.00 + shipping

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