The medi-vac unit has two oxygen bottle holders mounted in front of the kick plate for easy access by a team member. The holders accept commonly used oxygen bottles and are held in place by zip ties for easy installation and removal.
The unit has four strap loops on each side as well as a sturdy IV bar holder on each side.
The medi-vac unit is riding on four rubber mounts, one in each corner of the unit. The four rubber mounts together with the independent walking tandems on each side of the trailer provide a very stable and comfortable ride.
Add either a backboard or a stokes basket to the trailer and your ready to help anyone who may need your help, wherever they may be.
An accessory that many teams have been asking for and is now available is the medi-vac seat. Placed at the rear of the trailer and with access above and below the seat, a team member can ride with a patient to monitor them. A foot rest at each side of the trailer keep the attendants feet from dangling and handy handles make for a secure ride.
The seat accessory is designed not to interfere with loading or unloading of a patient and to stay out of the way when traveling over and through rough terrain.
The medi-vac box accessory is another convenience that is hard to go without. 60” long x 20” wide and 4” deep the box provides a large amount of secure dry space to carry needed rescue supplies.
Sliding into the trailer from the back and under the main medi-vac unit, and held in by two endless straps means the medi-vac box is always there with your supplies.
Mule Goat™ All Terrain Trailer
The Mule Goat™ trailer will provide years of trouble free service because of the following features. All welded construction. 1 ½” Main axel shaft.
Reinforced 1” thick spindle carrier bar. 2” Square tubing steel main frame.
Heavy duty spindles and hubs. Height adjustable tongue.
Bed size inside the rails, 72” long x 36” wide. Standard tire size is a 5.70 tire on an 8” rim.
A tough powder coat finish is the skin of all Mule Goat™ trailers

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Mountain Goat™ All Terrain Trailer
$ 969.00 + shipping

Mountain Goat™ Extreme
$ 1393.00 + shipping

Mountain Goat™ MT - Diamond tread
$ 1393.00 + shipping

Medi-vac accessory
$739.00 + shipping

Medi-vac supply box
$ 455.00 + shipping

Medi-vac seat
$220.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ All Terrain trailer
$ 1199.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ Extreme
$ 1583.00 + shipping

Mule Goat™ MT diamond tread
$ 1583.00 + shipping

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