Big game retriaval system Mountain Goat
The big game retriaval system consist of a winch and a end gate.
Big game retriaval system Mountain Goat
The big game retriaval system consists of a winch and an end gate that you use to load large game onto the bed of the trailer. Game as large elk fit nicely on the triler and are easy to load by simply backing up to the critter and winching onto the trailer, field dressing large animals first makes them easier to load.
Extension rack Mountain Goat™ and Mule Goat trailers:
Transport more equipment by adding extension racks to your trailer.
Twelve piece set that you can easily assemble so your trailer can haul exactly what you want.
Extension racks allow you to increase your range and cargo carrying capacity without diminishing your ability to cross rough terrain.
Equipped with extension racks, your trailer is ready to handle those bulky loads. Excellent for the construction site or the farm. Get that work done faster.
The extension rack system for the Mule Goat trailer is just like the one for the Mountain Goat™ trailer, except it is wider to fit the Mule Goat trailers dimensions.
Dump box option Mountain Goat™
The steel dump box is designed to haul heavy loads to any destination, with a slide out rear gate for easy dumping.
The dump box rides on the top rails of the trailer so that it is easy to reach into, with bottom support bars no load is to heavy for the box.
The box dumps by a winch mounted in the front of the trailer in the tongue.

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Extension rack Mountain Goat™
$285.00 + shipping

Sprayer option for Mountain Goat™
$1499.00 + shipping

Extension rack Mule Goat
$ 325.00 + shipping.

Mule Goat sprayer
$1544.00 + shipping.

Dump box Mountain Goat
$ 450.00 + shipping

Utility box Mountain Goat
$ 394.00 + shipping

Gas or water jug carrier both trailers
$ 73.00 + shipping

Tool bar Mountain Goat
$ 119.00 + shipping

Tool bar Mule Goat
$ 219.00 + shipping

Wire roller Mountain Goat
$ 134.00 + shipping

Skies both trailers
$ 282.00 + shipping

Big game retriaval system Mountain Goat
$ 220.00 + shipping

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