Sprayer option for Mountain Goat™ or Mule Goat trailers
The Mountain Goat ™ sprayer insert accessory has many features that make it an all around sprayer for orchards vineyards, farms and acreages. The skid mounted sprayer slips easily into the frame of the trailer. Spray is kept several feet away from the operator for added safety.
The sprayer has a mounted Honda motor and pump with a 55 gallon tank. The unit is easily mounted and demounted by one person and is fastened to the trailer with easy to use winch straps. The sprayer utilizes 2 boom buster nozzles that are mounted on the rear of the sprayer and can cover 16 feet in either direction, for a total coverage area of 32 feet. No booms are hanging off the sides to get caught on obstacles; this leaves the trailer and sprayer within the width of your ATV.
The skid frame keeps the sprayer from moving forward, backward, or side when mounted. A hand sprayer is mounted on the skid for handy spot spraying when necessary. An electric switch that you can set up to run from your ATV operates the whole system.
The sprayer for the Mule Goat trailer has the same features as the MG sprayer but comes with a 100 gallon tank and fits securely inside the frame of a Mule Goat trailer.
Steel utility box option:
The steel utility box is great for jobs that require you to carry hard lose assets such as post or wood. The box is 22” deep 21 1/2” wide and 71” long. The utility box fits between the rails of a Mountain Goat™ trailer for a secure fit.
The deep long box will carry any kind of cargo with its tough steel construction. Use the box alone or in combination with other accessories.
Skies option:
Use the MG trailer behind your snowmobile or ATV when the snow flies with a set of easy to put on skies. Deflate tires, put ski under tire, wrap around tire, insert two bolts, reinflate tires and you’re ready to go.
No need to do a lot of changing to your trailer, just wrap and go.
Tool bar option:
The toolbar option is for when you want those tools handy for the job you are doing. With two each of five different size holes to drop tools into, there’s no need to go fishing for them down in the other gear anymore.
Wire roller option:
If you would like to use your MG or MU trailer for fixing fence add a wire roller accessory, as with all of our accessories it is easy to install. Put a roll of wire on and save time and energy while you finish the job.

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Extension rack Mountain Goat™
$285.00 + shipping

Sprayer option for Mountain Goat™
$1499.00 + shipping

Extension rack Mule Goat
$ 325.00 + shipping.

Mule Goat sprayer
$1544.00 + shipping.

Dump box Mountain Goat
$ 450.00 + shipping

Utility box Mountain Goat
$ 394.00 + shipping

Gas or water jug carrier both trailers
$ 73.00 + shipping

Tool bar Mountain Goat
$ 119.00 + shipping

Tool bar Mule Goat
$ 219.00 + shipping

Wire roller Mountain Goat
$ 134.00 + shipping

Skies both trailers
$ 282.00 + shipping

Big game retriaval system Mountain Goat
$ 220.00 + shipping

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